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Resonant Pair


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About Us

Purpose for Online Dating Sites uses concepts derived from psychology, physics and online dating advice, to pair individuals who should resonate with one another, to support people looking for serious, enjoyable, and significant relationships. Our goal is to provide a pathway for people to do more than just datingsites online – create successful relationships, not just to get the best online dating statistics.


Approach for Online DatingSites is founded in part on the principle that, to flourish (not simply exist), it is important for people to approach their environment in a way that is natural and desirable to them, harnessing their existing personal assets, rather than fighting against the grain to be something they are not. We think of this as operating within ones primary modes, realizing our ideal selves. This way of being is also desirable within the context of our relationships and online dating advice. Here, we draw on concepts such as the Michelangelo Phenomenon, which describes how pairs in close relationships can sculpt one other, gently shaping each other’s selves and guiding one another toward each partner’s own desired vision of himself or herself. Using a careful algorithm developed over years of analysis, Resonant Pairs are formed to create relationships in which partners possess traits that are highly complementary to one another and to each other’s natural modes of being, and support the mutual sculpting of partners’ vision for themselves not just to get the best online dating statistics.

Our inspiration is rooted in concepts derived from online dating advice, psychology and physics. We start by considering the interaction between two dynamic systems and conceptually replace the physical properties of these systems with personal characteristics, to determine how a potential pair might function together. All physical objects have frequencies at which they resonate. These frequencies or resonant modes define characteristics of objects and dictate how they will react to stimuli. While stimulating an object in the wrong manner or integrating it into the wrong system can have destructive results, a properly calibrated system will generally operate in a harmonious manner, with constructive results. 

Just as all physical entities have frequencies at which they resonate – their primary or resonant modes – people can also be imagined to resonate with one another on a characteristic level. It is these resonant modes that define how people will operate in life and how they will interact with and react to others. The resonant mode questionnaire, based in multiple strands of research, is used to determine your resonant modes. We use this information as input to our pairing equations to find people who are highly likely to resonate with you. For a successful relationship, it is necessary to pair you with someone that both excites and balances how you resonate – and vice versa.


Validation and Benefits of Online Dating Sites

Based on a large sample of data collected from heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples in the United States, across a wide demographic range, and analyzed by an independent research company, couples paired together by the Resonant Pair algorithm (versus those who were not paired by our algorithm):

      • experience the highest level of relationship satisfaction
      • feel greater chemistry and more in love
      • have greater trust in their partners
      • experience more interconnectedness
      • can count on their partner in good times and bad
      • have the highest levels of sexual satisfaction
      • think that their partners make them a better version of themselves
      • are more likely to feel that their relationship is close to ideal
      • are more likely to view the world similarly
      • provide good emotional social support to one another
      • have the highest levels of open communication
      • think that their partners “speak the same language” as them
      • are able to resolve conflicts well and perceive their conflicts as less serious
      • are highly responsive to one another
      • resonate more with their partner

Resonant Pairs are two and a half times more likely than those not paired by our algorithm to experience the highest levels of relationship satisfaction, two and a half times more likely to experience the highest level of chemistry, and 3.3 times more likely to think their partner makes them a better version of themselves. In addition to all of these positive outcomes, online dating advice, psychological studies consistently have shown the benefits, from physical well-being to emotional well-being, of successful, close relationships – similar to those formed by resonant pairs. With all of these benefits potentially to gain, why not find your resonant pair today and start a new beginning with an online datingsite?


Getting Started with Resonant Pair and Online Dating

When you sign up with, you will create your own profile in the online datingsite including information about you and what you are looking to date, as well as photographs of yourself. You will take our resonant modes questionnaire and with this information, we will send you profiles of others to your online dating profile with whom our algorithms determine you may resonate. You can then communicate directly with your pairs though our dating site to learn more about them. preserves your privacy by restricting your profile to be viewed only by those with whom you are paired on the site. We currently provide you with the use of our free dating site and online dating advice. Your information will not be viewable to the public or searchable within Resonant Pair by those that you are not paired with. Not Just to get the best online dating statistics.  

Start with someone you resonate with and see where it goes…

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